Breaststroke Drills

Blind Drill (25's @ :20 rest)

This drill works with all strokes and checks your position in the water as well as helping maximize swimming effort. It is diagnostic in nature. Many people swim with a very uneven stroke that pulls to one side which reinforces bad habits and creates an imbalance during the swim. BE CAREFUL OF OTHERS IN YOUR LANE! Let them know what you're doing ahead of time.

I Dream of Jeannie Drill

This drill is for breaststroke and is named for the character in the old TV series "I Dream of Jeannie" where Jeannie used to fold her arms in front of her when performing a task. The drill enables swimmers to maintain better balance with hips high in the water. Doing the breaststroke kick with a kickboard often causes your hips to sink because of the unnatural flotation given to the upper body. The drill also provides additional frontal resistance and a method for maintaining high elbows while kicking. It discourages sculling and pulling during the kick.

Breaststroke Kick Drill

This drill encourages a narrow, propulsive breaststroke kick.

TIP: A wide breaststroke kick may feel stronger because your legs encounter more resistance than with a narrow kick. However, it is the propulsion that counts, and a narrower kick focuses more energy on propelling the body forward.

Breaststroke Pull Drill

This drill works on developing a wave motion breaststroke

Breaststroke 2+2 Drill

This drill works on the similarities between the breaststroke and butterfly: the undulation, on the outsweep catch on the pull, and on getting a deeper insweep for the breaststroke.

Short Axis Drill

This drill encourages you to use your body in the breaststroke and butterfly and to get used to releasing the arms from all of the responsiblity of moving you along. It's also good anerobic training because you will not be raising your head to breathe during the cycle.

You are not going to go fast in this drill. In fact, you'll go very slowly. So focus on mastering the technique. Then in another part of the practice, think about the drill as you practice breaststroke or butterfly.