Minnow Info


Pool, Practices, & Workouts


Minnow Rules

1. No stress
2. No meetings - no dues - no officers
3. No tofu at social gatherings

Minnow Mantra

No pain, no pain.

Minnow Philosophy

Swimming is a fun, healthy, and socially entertaining exercise program, so enjoy everything about it.

One way to have fun and to keep motivated is to set personal goals and work to achieve them. If achieving those goals includes competition in postals or meets, fine. If it doesn't, that's fine too. Just have a good time.



















Maps to Area Pools

Florida Gulf Coast University (Estero) ~ DeLeon (Ft. Myers) ~ Golden Gate ~ Norris Pool (Naples) ~ San Carlos Park

For insurance reasons, all swimmers at any Masters practices must be registered with USMS!



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Workouts & Drills

The Minnows only have one hour of pool time for each practice, and we're not overly serious about hard-core swimming during those single hours, so none of the workouts below exceed 2500 yards, which is enough for us.

Most have been culled from the pages of SWIM Magazine and the now defunct Fitness Swimmer magazine and then modified to suit our needs and timeframes. There are some worthwhile workouts here, but probably not if you're one of those competitive zealot swimmers.



Tips & Techniques

Workouts for Triathletes